Green IT Roundup: October 10-14, 2011

This week’s round-up highlights:  South East Water’s Green initiatives, C-Suites embracing sustainability, Environmental performance key in creating optimal data centers, and PC power management market booming.

South East Water Embraces Green IT
Constant pressure of a global financial crisis and climate change, South East Water (Australia) embraces several Green initiatives to reduce their waste and greenhouse emissions.

Green IT Roundup: Oct. 3-9, 2011

This week’s round-up discover how: Banks are increasing profitability through implementing sustainability strategies, Why you should turn your computer management back on,  and PC power Management could save $18.6 Billion,

Municipal Energy Efficiency – Does it Really Take a Program?

My first reaction when I noticed a recent whitepaper from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) titled How State Governments Enable Local Governments to Advance Energy Efficiency was - WHAT!  I applaud these programs, but should it really take a national or regional government to put a program in place before a municipality does what it should be doing

Going Beyond Route Optimization

In a previous post, we discussed the benefits of knowing where your vehicles are and what’s happening at the destinations to which they are headed.

Don’t Tell Your PC! – Is Technology Leaving it Behind?

Technology innovation is fueling a corporate trend of delaying the replacement of aging PCs. You heard me – advances in technology are driving corporations to lengthen, not shorten, PC replacement cycles. Counter-intuitive maybe, but a deeper look produces valuable insight into why the corporate PC may be an unintended victim to significant technology innovations.

The Energy Efficiency Revolution

Today’s research provides consensus that enterprise level efficiency measures are extremely cost effective and highly impact conservation efforts.  Historically, government initiatives have not actively promoted sustainability or constituted it as a smart bottom line for business.  However, visionary leaders, such as Vivek Kundra, the first United States Federal Chief Information Officer, have allowed city, county and federal government the ability to find new budget efficiencies.   Mr.  Kundra has been willing to utilize sustainability and advances in technology to

A Better Strategy for Coping with Rising Gas Prices

Although most of us are feeling the effects of the recent spike in gasoline prices, the pain is especially acute for businesses with large vehicle fleets.  With barrel prices over $100, businesses dependent on a fleet of vehicles are desperately looking for ways to decrease their fuel consumption.

Where Did Everyone Go?

There’s a lot of buzz around the office lately about working remotely.  $4 per gallon gas and snowstorms in April probably have something to do with it. We’re tossing around ideas about what our future work environment might look like. One idea is to have a smaller central office for meeting with important customers and prospects, with the majority of employees working remotely most of the time. Another suggestion is to have a few satellite offices (“touchdown spaces”) where employees who live in those parts of the Twin Cities can work.

Experience Control™ of Command Tasks

We at New Boundary Technologies® strive to enable our customers to Experience Control over their complex problems.  To help them Experience Control, we have created a monthly webinar series to address their issues and provide simple, time-saving solutions.

The New M2M Platform

M2M solutions can be used in an almost limitless variety of devices, equipment, and industries. According to Connected World Magazine, the way many M2M solutions are developed today are still on customized, proprietary projects. This makes development pricy and go-to-market timelines longer.

New Boundary Technologies Brings Asset Management Out of the IT Trenches

With Prism Insight managers get timely answers to their asset questions without getting mired in IT-centric systems.


New Boundary Technologies Delivers Mobile Phone and Tablet App for PC Management

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) March 13, 2013

IT Roundup February 3 - February 9

This week's IT roundup looks at the race for mobile platform dominance, plus the most dangerous software flaws of 2012.

Android and iOS mobile operating systems continue to gain ground, seemingly at the expense of the Microsoft and Blackberry platforms. It will be interesting to see how this changes throughout 2013.

Android and iOS Gain Mobile OS Market Share Yet Again

IT Roundup 1/18/2013

The 2013 Technology of the Year Award Winners

See the best hardware, software and services of the year as voted on by InfoWorld. The trends this year revolve around making life easier with cloud computing, big data and beautiful design.

Microsoft Surface Pro Expected Soon

IT Roundup 12/19/2012

Gmail loses Google Sync: How Windows 8, RT, Office are affected
Google plans to drop support for its most powerful sync feature for customers of its free email services. Here is how it will affect Windows and Office.

IT Roundup November 29th - December 5th

This week's IT roundup includes Microsoft stopping all support of the still popular XP operating system, five steps to transform IT and the new threat of attacks on Android's devices.

Experts question Microsoft's decision to retire XP

Microsoft is drawing a line in the sand for Windows XP support in April 2014, at which time they will stop offering support for XP but experts suggest Microsoft will have to continue to support the OS.

Green IT Roundup: November 24th - November 30th

In this week's Green IT Roundup GE is hoping to rebrand "green", technology is leading consumers to cut their energy consumption and the city of Minneapolis may begin requiring commercial buildings to publish their energy usage.

Smart energy technology gains a toehold in Minnesota

Utilities across the state of Minnesota are offering customers access to mobile apps and online portals to track their energy consumption, which is leading to cuts in energy usage.

IT Roundup November 22nd - November 28th

In this week's IT Roundup we look at some of the new security features built into Windows 8, a new PCI compliance assessment guideline and the potential end of how Intel designs desktop processors.

Windows 8 Security: How Secure Is Windows 8?

Take a look at some of the new security features of Windows 8 including integrated antivirus and firewall. Let us know your thoughts on Windows 8 security in the comments section.

IT Roundup November 14th - November 21st

This week's IT Roundup includes a controversy on the usability of Windows 8, AWS running Windows 2012 Server, some innovative ideas for your business and guidelines for a successful Windows 8 migration.

Windows 8 UI 'strategic mistake,' argues design guru

IT Roundup October 18th - October 24th

In this week's IT Roundup we look at some big predictions for IT in the next 5 years, what you need to know about Windows 8 and all of its iterations and Microsoft's big push to move businesses away from XP.

Microsoft Urges Businesses to Move away from XP

With the release of Windows 8,  Microsoft is urging businesses to upgrade from XP and Vista. 

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