Experience Control™ of Command Tasks

We at New Boundary Technologies® strive to enable our customers to Experience Control over their complex problems.  To help them Experience Control, we have created a monthly webinar series to address their issues and provide simple, time-saving solutions.

On April 13, 2011, Nathan Kurtz, Support Specialist and I, Annette Gaudreau, Technical Enterprise Consultant with New Boundary Technologies, kicked off our webinar series by covering command task creation with Prism Deploy®.  We highlighted 3 different command tasks during the webinar:

  • Novice Task: 7 Zip Installation File
  • Sophomore Task: Re-distributed version of Adobe 10
  • Graduate Task: Microsoft Office 2010

Each of these tasks requires an understanding of what command options are needed and how to find that information.  For example, the MS Office 2010 task has a very unique installation, requiring you to create an answer file, which we cover in our Knowledge Base article.  Probably the most time-consuming command task to create is the re-distributed version of Adobe 10, since Adobe has changed the way they offer their executable and you now have to request a special executable and wait for Adobe to verify your account information. 

We have created a video of the webinar, which you can view by clicking here:

Our next webinar in our series is on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 1:00 pm CST.  We will be discussing managing License Usage with Prism Asset Manager®.  

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