Green IT Roundup: Oct. 3-9, 2011

This week’s round-up discover how: Banks are increasing profitability through implementing sustainability strategies, Why you should turn your computer management back on,  and PC power Management could save $18.6 Billion,

Environmental Strategy Could Create Value for Your Banks:
 Banks are taking their sustainability strategies beyond e-statements.  Several large financial institutions have implemented new sustainability strategies that have proven to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also increase their profitability

PC Power ǀ Turn Your Personal Computer Power Management Back On, It Works Now!
George Goodman, Executive Director of Climate Savers Computing Imitative (CSCI), explores how the formation of the CSCI program has established guidelines — ensuring that program applications and power administration can always work together.  With issues between program applications and power administration addressed, the CSCI believes there’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t be using pc power management.

Power Management Could Help Businesses Save $18.6 Billion
Organizations are seeking new, more efficient sustainability strategies to cut down on their energy use, carbon emissions, and energy costs, such as managing power usage of computers, servers and data centers. In a new report, Pike Research estimates that pc and server power management software market will expand by nearly fivefold by 2015 — saving organizations $18.6 billion and reducing energy usage by more than 191 billion kWh.  

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