Green IT Roundup: October 10-14, 2011

This week’s round-up highlights:  South East Water’s Green initiatives, C-Suites embracing sustainability, Environmental performance key in creating optimal data centers, and PC power management market booming.

South East Water Embraces Green IT
Constant pressure of a global financial crisis and climate change, South East Water (Australia) embraces several Green initiatives to reduce their waste and greenhouse emissions.

Sustainability takes on central role in business strategy
Sustainability has become a hot topic in C-Suites, mainly because of the economic benefit.  While the pure economic benefit is a driving factor, stakeholders have other concerns that are making companies rethink their operations.

Green with Envy: Creating a Green Data Center
The ideal data center is no longer just optimal space, security, power, and connectivity.  Future energy demands now make data center environmental performance a key in creating the optimal data center.

PC Power Management Market to Boom as Energy Prices Rise
According to research there is plenty of room to grow in the PC Power Management industry. By 2015 power management firms will save other firms up to $18.5 billion due in part to increasing energy costs and the need to cut costs. 



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