Green IT Roundup: November 14 -18, 2011

This week’s Green IT Roundup features: Green IT Certification and its impact on IT budgets, Utility providers and U.S. tax breaks make PC power management a no-brainer, The growth of the Global PC and Server Power Management Software market, Debunks 5 myths about Sustainability Executives, and Green building owners are receiving assistance in tracking their building performance. 

Incentive Programs Make PC Power Management a No-Brainer
Time is running out for organizations across North America to take advantage of free money.  Most utility providers offer rebates that either partially or fully cover the cost of implement a PC power management solution.  As the U.S. Federal tax breaks deadline of January 2012 draws near and funds running out, it’s time to act now.

Global PC and Server Power Management Software Market 2010-2014
Analysts from TechNavio forecast that the Global PC and Server Power Management Software market to by grow 34 percent over the period of 2010-2014.  The driving factor for this growth is the need by organizations to reduce their power consumption.

5 Myths About Sustainability Executives
As corporate sustainability becomes more visible, so does the role of Sustainability Executives.  Since the title “Sustainability Executive” is a relatively new title, many have formed misconceptions about the role and authority of Sustainability Executives. In this blog, John Davies debunks 5 myths about Sustainability Executives.

Green IT Certification to Help Companies Go Green
To combat rising energy costs, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation has established a Green IT Professional Certification.  Industry experts believe offering IT Managers training and certification will help reduce IT costs by 30%.

Green Building Owners Get Help Tracking Performance
The California Commission Collaborative has developed “The Building Performance Tracking Handbook” to assist property owners and managers with the skills and knowledge necessary to continuously implement improvements in their building’s operating procedures.

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