Green IT Roundup: March 11-16, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup features: Sound economic for powerful savings through IT efficiencies, Ten strategies that enable organizations to save money and energy, an IT director uses simple green decisions to make IT relevant, and Five steps for planting seeds of an Energy-Savings Program.

Sound Economics for Powerful Savings through IT Efficiencies
Organizations continue to look for ways to reduce their operational costs.  An easy target for organizations should be improving their IT energy efficiencies. By an organization improving IT energy efficiencies, the results are lower IT operating costs and carbon emissions.

What Are the Top 10 Green IT Strategies?
Organizations don’t have to undertake large, expensive projects to save money and energy.  These Ten Green IT Strategies enable organizations, both large and small, a means to start saving, immediately.

IT director uses simple green decisions to make IT relevant
Make IT relevant!  Kevin Soohoo, a Leadership Award finalist, thought of ways to make IT relevant by looking beyond the server room and virtualization to get down to individual levels of energy consumption.

Five Steps for Planting the Seeds of an Energy-Savings Program
Struggling to implement environmental efficiency programs?  You are not alone.  Mario Rufio offers a five-step action plan for making your energy savings program a success.

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