Green IT Roundup: April 9-13, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup highlights:  Nick Clegg unveils measures to bolster the Green Deal to cut energy bills for households and businesses in the UK, GoodGuide enables consumers to drive corporate sustainability, and Leveraging the latest advancements in technology can offer sustainable solutions.

Clegg unveils measures to bolster Green Deal take-up and cut energy bills
Nick Clegg, United Kingdom’s Deputy Prime Minister, announced new ways to enable households and businesses to become more energy efficient and reduce their energy bills.  Working with the Green Deals Providers, the UK government introduced “innovative solutions” to take the “hassle” out of its energy efficiency program, which is launching in the fall of 2012.

Can Consumers Drive Corporate Sustainability?
After reading the ingredients in his daughter’s sun-block, Dara O’Rourke started GoodGuide. GoodGuide gives ratings to products based on three categories: health, environment and society. Over the last 5 years, GoodGuide has giving rates to over 165,000 products.  Each product’s ratings are listed on the company’s website, Facebook and on smartphones.  GoodGuide gives consumers the ability to vote with their wallets for environmentally friendly products and companies.

Go Green to Make Green:  Technology Can Offer Sustainable Solutions
Seventy-percent of businesses have added sustainability to their corporate agenda.  When exploring corporate sustainable practices, Harry Martin, encourages businesses to consider adapting the latest advancements in technology as a starting point.  These advancements offer businesses with sustainable solutions that save money and provide businesses with a completive edge in the market place.

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