Green IT Roundup: April 23-27, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup features:  Genzyme’s energy-saving initiatives, which have allowed the company to reduce its energy bill by 13%, The need for IT to take a leading role in implementing sustainability initiatives, The establishment of The Young Entrepreneurs Fund to promote the development of low carbon technologies by entrepreneurs and small to medium-size firms, and The role energy efficient buildings in promoting healthier companies.

How Genzyme Cut its Energy Bill by 13% Last Year
A leader in energy and sustainability, Genzyme, reduces its energy spending and emissions significantly in 2011.  Genzyme’s Jeff Holmes, principal environmental, and Steve Driver, energy demand manager discusses the corporation’s energy-saving initiatives.

IT Can Lower Your Carbon-footprint
With IT equipment and power usage a major source of carbon emissions and energy consumption for organizations, IT executives need to take a leading role in implementing sustainability initiatives.

£35m to Support SME Cleantech Innovations
The Young Entrepreneurs Fund will help small to medium-sized enterprises over the next three years that are looking to develop and demonstrate low carbon technologies for buildings and power generation.

How a Holistic View of Buildings Can Cut Energy Use and Costs
Energy efficient buildings are not only cheaper to run but can also be healthier — even helping companies attract employees and shareholders.  This was the message from green building experts at the Sustainable Operations Summit held last week in New York.

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