Green IT Roundup: July 30-August 3, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup includes: A new data center design boasts the world’s most efficient cooling system, Energy Efficiency is as  important for branding as for the bottom line, and United Nations praise London Olympics for meeting all of their sustainability targets.

New data center design boasts 'world's most efficient cooling system'
A new kind of data center claiming to employ "the world's most efficient cooling system" turns the traditionally unbearable "hot aisle" between server racks into a rather pleasant air-conditioned hallway, all the while using significantly less energy.

Energy Efficiency as Important for Branding as for Bottom Line, Deloitte Says
According a new report by Deloitte, improving energy efficiency at America’s businesses is as important to brand building as it is to growing the bottom line. The study, reSources 2012, shows that while 85 percent of companies claim that electricity cost reductions are essential to staying financially competitive, almost as high a proportion – 81 percent – believe they are critical to brand building.  In fact, more than three-quarters of the organizations surveyed say they are actively promoting their energy efficiency efforts to their customers.

United Nations Praise London Olympics for Meeting Sustainability Targets
The United Nations has praised the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games for creating a sustainable environment, saying it met all the targets set forward in the sustainability assessment guide developed by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP).

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