Green IT Roundup for August 6-August 10, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup features:  London’s green Olympics outpaced in 2016, Cloud Computing offers greater efficiency and agility delivering IT services, and The Road to energy savings for small and medium businesses.

Why London’s green Olympics might be outpaced in 2016
Planners of the London Olympics set out to create “the world’s first truly sustainable Olympics and Paralympic Games’.  The 2012 Olympics are shaping up to be the greenest Olympics ever – at least until 2016.  Rio de Janeiro is poised to outpace this year’s Olympics.            The city’s bid for the 2016 Games focused on a strong environmental theme, “Green Games for a Blue Planet,” and Brazil starts with a key advantage -- 45 percent of the country’s energy already comes from hydroelectric and renewable sources. Rio’s goal is to power 100 percent of its public transportation with clean biodiesel ethanol by 2016 and to create a network of bike paths connecting all Olympic facilities.

Efficient IT is green IT, says Quiss Technology
According to Matt Rhodes, commercial services manager at Quiss Technology, Cloud computing is being offered as a solution to almost every IT issue, but its potential for sustainable IT is one of the more interesting. Cloud computing offers the promise of greater efficiency and agility in delivering IT services.

The Road to Energy Savings for Small and Medium Businesses
An increasing number of small and medium businesses note energy costs as their biggest expense behind real estate and labor. With energy costs rising every year, they can’t afford to ignore potential energy savings techniques.  This article highlights energy savings techniques that offer small and medium businesses meaningful savings.

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