IT Roundup 1/18/2013

The 2013 Technology of the Year Award Winners

See the best hardware, software and services of the year as voted on by InfoWorld. The trends this year revolve around making life easier with cloud computing, big data and beautiful design.

Microsoft Surface Pro Expected Soon

IT Roundup 12/19/2012

Gmail loses Google Sync: How Windows 8, RT, Office are affected
Google plans to drop support for its most powerful sync feature for customers of its free email services. Here is how it will affect Windows and Office.

IT Roundup November 29th - December 5th

This week's IT roundup includes Microsoft stopping all support of the still popular XP operating system, five steps to transform IT and the new threat of attacks on Android's devices.

Experts question Microsoft's decision to retire XP

Microsoft is drawing a line in the sand for Windows XP support in April 2014, at which time they will stop offering support for XP but experts suggest Microsoft will have to continue to support the OS.

Green IT Roundup: November 24th - November 30th

In this week's Green IT Roundup GE is hoping to rebrand "green", technology is leading consumers to cut their energy consumption and the city of Minneapolis may begin requiring commercial buildings to publish their energy usage.

Smart energy technology gains a toehold in Minnesota

Utilities across the state of Minnesota are offering customers access to mobile apps and online portals to track their energy consumption, which is leading to cuts in energy usage.

IT Roundup November 22nd - November 28th

In this week's IT Roundup we look at some of the new security features built into Windows 8, a new PCI compliance assessment guideline and the potential end of how Intel designs desktop processors.

Windows 8 Security: How Secure Is Windows 8?

Take a look at some of the new security features of Windows 8 including integrated antivirus and firewall. Let us know your thoughts on Windows 8 security in the comments section.

IT Roundup November 14th - November 21st

This week's IT Roundup includes a controversy on the usability of Windows 8, AWS running Windows 2012 Server, some innovative ideas for your business and guidelines for a successful Windows 8 migration.

Windows 8 UI 'strategic mistake,' argues design guru

IT Roundup October 18th - October 24th

In this week's IT Roundup we look at some big predictions for IT in the next 5 years, what you need to know about Windows 8 and all of its iterations and Microsoft's big push to move businesses away from XP.

Microsoft Urges Businesses to Move away from XP

With the release of Windows 8,  Microsoft is urging businesses to upgrade from XP and Vista. 

Green IT Roundup October 6th - October 12th

This week on the Green IT roundup we look at the growth of power demand in data centers even as energy costs rise, how new startups are using data and analytics to reduce home energy usage to offset the increasing costs of renting and a look at a slide-show of the "smartest cities" on the planet and how they have been affected by the economic slowdown.

Global census shows data center power demand grew 63% in 2012

Green IT Roundup September 31st - October 5th

This week's Green IT Roundup includes the announcement of the 2012 Cleantech list, AT&T expanding its use of Bloom Energy fuel cells and tips for SMBs to start with a Green IT strategy.

Global Cleantech 100 List Unveiled

Green IT Roundup September 21st - 28th 2012

This week's Green IT roundup covers Google buying wind power for its new data center, a response to the New York Times data center series and some common myths about end of life IT decisions.

The six myths of IT end-of-life decisions 

‘don’t worry about it now’ and similar mistakes when planning your end of life IT strategy.

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