New Boundary Technologies Launches FleetVista

FleetVista allows organizations to remotely monitor and manage the location and service routes for entire vehicle fleets - any time, from any Web browser

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 8, 2009New Boundary Technologies® today launched FleetVista™, a Web-based remote monitoring software solution that significantly improves fleet operations and lowers costs by enabling fleet managers to continuously monitor vehicle locations, destinations and completed activities, and provide routing and other critical, real-time input to fleet personnel.

Specifically, FleetVista’s rich-reporting, route-analysis and interactive route-building features allow for better, more accurate operations planning and control, thereby saving fleet-driven organizations time, labor expenses and fuel costs. The solution was designed to meet the unique needs of private fleets.

“Regardless of fleet size, geographical area or the types of vehicles a fleet utilizes, knowing every vehicle’s status is essential to optimizing fleet operations,” said Kim Pearson, chief executive officer for New Boundary Technologies. “With FleetVista, fleet managers know every driver’s current position, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. The result: organizations can serve more customers and provide better service, all while reining in unnecessary trips, routes and fuel costs.”

Additional FleetVista Features

FleetVista installs quickly and is user-friendly. Companies simply download a small piece of FleetVista software to each driver’s company smart phone. No technical knowledge is required, and there is no server software to purchase or manage. Once set up, any fleet manager with a computer and a Web browser can use FleetVista to control fleet operations.

FleetVista’s highly intuitive Web dashboard offers fleet managers several tracking and status options - including assigned routes and pending stops, and customer locations and destinations. Fleet managers also can send routing and other instructions to drivers through the system.

FleetVista supports internal and external GPS receivers, utilizing a wide range of wireless devices that include off-the-shelf smart phones and PDAs. The solution supports both CDMA and GSM cellular networks. For fleets requiring complete vehicle monitoring, FleetVista can connect to in-vehicle sensors.

"With FleetVista, fleet operators can optimize recurring and dynamic routes to serve more customers and provide more efficient service, thereby maximizing fleet profitability. Most companies can expect a return on their FleetVista investment within just a few months; some will even experience it winin a matter of weeks," added Pearson.

Another efficiency-enhancing feature is the ability to integrate FleetVista data with a fleet operation’s back-office systems.

New Boundary Technologies today also launched TankVista, the first cloud-based service for continuously monitoring and analyzing the conditions and storage levels of commercial storage tanks, bins, silos and other containers. Combining FleetVista with TankVista presents organizations unprecedented insight and control over allocating and directing fleet resources to properly service tanks and keep tank contents at optimal levels.

FleetVista is available immediately as a low cost monthly service. It is sold directly through New Boundary Technologies and partnering resellers.

About New Boundary Technologies
New Boundary Technologies® develops innovative software solutions for PC configuration management and remote equipment monitoring and control. The company’s Prism Suite® automates software deployment, asset management and patch management. PwrSmart™ is a simple, automated PC power management solution that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption. Policy Commander® automates computer security policy enforcement. Radiem® technology powers the company’s FleetVista™ and TankVista™ products, which monitor and control remote and mobile equipment via wireless Internet. Founded in 1985, New Boundary Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn. For more information, visit or call 800-747-4487.

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