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Company Releases Prism Suite 11.0: Enhances SmartUpdate Technology and Integration Between Software License Management and Software Deployment Capabilities

Minneapolis, Jan. 12, 2011New Boundary Technologies®, a 25-year veteran of providing innovative software solutions, today announced the release of Prism Suite® 11.0. In its latest release, New Boundary Technologies enhances Prism Suite’s patented SmartUpdate™ technology and strengthens the integration between software license management and software deployment.

 IT administrators are constantly asked to provide information, solve problems and take action – and to do it now. Prism Suite 11.0 allows users to immediately answer questions and automate PC configuration changes, a huge benefit in today’s work smarter and harder environment.

“After pulling through the worst recession in recent memory, companies are looking for the smartest, most agile IT products they can find,” said Tom Diamond, president of New Boundary Technologies. “Our customers do not want cumbersome PC configuration suites that take months to customize and deploy, and even longer to learn. Lean IT teams need actionable information and automation from their configuration management tools.”

There’s a Rule for That

SmartUpdate rulesets in Prism Suite 11.0 allow administrators to define the information they need, and Prism Suite’s intelligent client responds with the answer. For example, do any PCs have their firewall off? Which systems haven’t been rebooted in over a week? Do any computers need more memory before upgrading them to Windows 7? SmartUpdate provides the answers. Prism Suite 11.0 broadens SmartUpdate technology in three new areas:

  • Drift Prevention: Ensures PCs always maintain their desired state. For example, if the CIO declares that corporate PCs are restricted from having file sharing software installed, the administrator can set up a ruleset to automatically find PCs with the software, uninstall it (over and over if necessary) and optionally send email alerts about PCs that drift out of compliance.
  • Laser-Focused Deployment: Enables creation of rulesets as prerequisites for all software deployment tasks. For example, if a specialized deployment needs to target only those PCs in a particular IP address range and of a particular laptop model and have not been rebooted in over a week, a rule can be created for that. Only PCs satisfying all of the prerequisites will process the task.
  • Comprehensive Ruleset Repository: Provides useful, tested rulesets within the Prism Suite 11.0 Console, allowing administrators to download and implement them immediately. The repository content continues to expand as a source of shared rulesets for the Prism user community.

 Actions Speak Louder than Reports

With Prism Suite 11.0, organizations can quickly and easily act on software license compliance data, not just report on it. For example, if administrators learn an application is installed on five more PCs than licenses owned by their organization, they can simply pick five appropriate PCs from the application’s License Unit group, and right-click to remove the software. Likewise, if the software inventory shows that a few PCs are still running an older version of a critical application, administrators can right-click and update them immediately.  

More Prism Suite 11.0 Enhancements

  • Generate savings on software renewals based on unused applications.
  • Receive email alerts when software deployments have warnings or errors.
  • Experience quick response times when opening large Administrator reports.
  • Override the default installation order for a group of tasks.

Visit New Boundary Technologies’ website to learn about all the new capabilities of Prism Suite 11.0, and to download a free, fully-functioning 30-day trial.

About New Boundary Technologies
New Boundary Technologies develops innovative software solutions for PC configuration management and remote equipment monitoring and control. The company’s Prism Suite automates software deployment, asset management and patch management. PwrSmart™ is a simple, automated PC power management solution that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption. Policy Commander® automates computer security policy enforcement. Radiem® technology powers the company’s FleetVista™ and TankVista™ products, which monitor and control remote and mobile equipment via wireless Internet. Founded in 1985, New Boundary Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn. For more information, visit or call 800-747-4487. 

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