New Boundary Technologies’ Connected Ag Portfolio provides a suite of wireless IoT (Internet of Things) applications to monitor and control stationary and mobile assets. Independent of hardware, we integrate best-in-class industry applications customized to your needs - providing access from a single web-based dashboard. Our web applications power IoT solutions from leading sensor and equipment manufacturers. 

Connected Ag Portfolio includes applications to manage:
  • Agriculture Bin and Tank Levels
  • Livestock Feed Usage
  • Barn or Poultry House Environment
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Soil Moisture Content and Temperature
  • Remote Equipment GPS Tracking

New Boundary Technologies' Connected Ag Portfolio is featured in two recent Verizon videos:

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Benefits of Control

Our Connected Ag Portfolio offers:

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring - Continuously monitor your remote assets and receive the information you require to manage and control your operations. Receive real-time updates on location, inventory levels, usage and predicted outage, power/failure status, or environmental conditions - essential data, all on one web page customized to your requirements.
  • Automatic Alerts - Automatically receive email and text alerts when conditions meet user-defined thresholds. You'll always know when levels or environments are compromised or assets require service based on any limits you choose.
  • Increased Efficiency - Our browser-based software is a low-cost monthly service that saves you time and money by increasing your efficiency. Remove the need for physical site visits to check asset conditions. Streamline the logistics of collecting and communicating critical information. Eliminate overflow and run-outs. Accurate, reliable information at your fingertips saves expense and improves performance. 


New Boundary Technologies provides OEM private label web applications for agriculture sensor and equipment manufacturers. We provide the end-user web application to monitor and/or control your stationary or mobile devices.

Our highly configurable RemoteAware™ platform quickly integrates your solution into a web-based dashboard providing aggregate data in real-time. Independent of hardware, we create and host the application, tailored specifically to your industry and customer needs.   

End users benefit from an efficient, singular view of actionable data, from multiple assets.

This quick, low-cost solution can be private labeled with your branding, and customized based on your requirements.

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We partner with leading agriculture equipment and sensor manufacturers, system integrators, and solution providers. There are many opportunities and benefits from becoming a New Boundary Technologies Connected Ag Solutions Partner.

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