Connected Ag Portfolio Features and Benefits

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring - Continuously monitor your remote assets and receive the information you require to manage and control your operations. Receive real-time updates on location, inventory levels, usage and predicted outage, power/failure status, or environmental conditions - essential data, all on one web page tailored to your requirements.
  • Automatic Alerts - Automaticall receive email and text alerts when conditions meet user-defined thresholds. You'll always know when levels or environments are compromised, or when assets require service based on any limits you choose. 
  • Increased Efficiency - Our browser-based software is a low-cost monthly service that saves you time and money by increasing your efficiency. Remove the need for physical site visits to check asset conditions. Streamline the logistics of collecting and communicating critical information. Eliminate overflow and run-outs. Accurate, reliable information at your fingertips saves expense and improves performance.
  • Unlimited Scalability - There is no limit to the number or types of assets you can monitor and control. We grow right along with your operations. Our ability to seamlessly integrate with new and existing sensors and industry software within a single platform sets our solutions apart.
  • Any Time, Any Place Access - Check the status of your assets from any device with an Internet connection - smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Interactive Interface - A user-friendly web dashboard  interface lets you view and provision all your assets, define and adjust your measurement alert thresholds, and view your asset locations on a map. Or, use the mobile web interface from any smartphone or tablet, at any time. All applications share a common user interface and database, regardless of harware or location. It's that easy. 
  • Advanced Reporting - Our software maintains a historical record of asset conditions. You always have the actionable information you need to maximize efficiency, optimize operations, and ensure regulatory compliance - aggregated from multiple applications, now integrated on a single platform.
  • Speed-to-Benefit - There is no software to install and maintain, and no need to develop a custom application. Simply subscribe to our service and provision it with information about your assets. What's more, our Connected Ag Portfolio is hardware independent. You may add assets or additional modules at any time.
  • Data Security and Reliability - Our solutions use proven, industry-standard, end-to-end encryption and authentication technologies to ensure the highest level of data security. Your information is always safe, secure, and confidential.